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Meet Dawnya


I am a retired techie that loves teaching people new tricks and tips. I was led to the great field of genealogy when I had a desire to help a family member with our family history.


Since then, I have searched and discovered my paternal and maternal family history. Technology has provided more avenues to obtain historical information.


Through my studies, I have discovered so many "truths" about my family history. I am passionate about learning more and helping others in their pursuit of their ancestry.  Seeing the light-bulb moments that others experience has convinced me that I can help others achieve their historical goals.

Professional photo of Dawnya Lindsey, owner of Life Journey Genealogy. Dawnya is smiling and standing in front of a lake.
"Learn about the genealogy of
your Life Journey."

Genealogy Memberships


Association of Professional Genealogists


Elephants and Genealogy

Elephants have their memory. We have genealogy!

Elephants are amazing creatures with interesting behavioral traits.

Check out these fun facts about Elephants and how they relate to genealogy.


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Ashish. (2019, November 14). "Why do elephants have such great memory?" Science ABC.

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