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Dawnya Lindsey from Life Journey Genealogy holding a black and white photo of her mother.

Discover Your Family Heritage

Our personalized genealogy services guide you in your ancestral search so you can create your descendant's legacy.

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Meet Dawnya


Do you have memories of family members and want to know more about them? Have you been thinking about your great-grandparents and wondered who they were?​

My name is Dawnya and I specialize in genealogy and ancestral searches. Let me help you take the Life Journey and discover more of your relatives and how they impact who you are.

Professional photo of Dawnya Lindsey, owner of Life Journey Genealogy, is wearing a multi-color skirt standing next to a tree.

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"If you don't tell your stories, other people will tell their story about you. It's important that we nurture and protect these memories. Things change. Existence means change." ~ Henry Louis Gates

Through her research, Dawnya has been able to connect us with relatives all over the country and to help us open a dialog of communication with some of them. Thank you Dawnya for continuing to help keep this legacy alive for all of us, but especially for our children and grandchildren.

Jacqueline Lynch Clark

Family Coordinator

About a year ago, I attended a workshop and decided to start researching my family history. I had no idea about how to take on this daunting task. However, by working privately with Dawnya, she reviewed what I had done so far, and recommended various resources that I would have never been aware of without her service. Dawnya is a wealth of information, very patient ( as I had so many questions), and willing to share her personal journey in researching her own family history and how she turned her passion into a professional service that helps people to connect to the past. Therefore, I would highly recommend, Life Journey Genealogy! 

Tonya Smith

Family Historian

I highly recommend Dawnya Lindsey for your genealogy search.  Ms. Lindsey's help proved to be invaluable.  I tried several times on my own and always found myself stuck, but with Ms. Lindsey's help, I have made significant progress.  Her knowledge and expertise have been invaluable.  

Lisa Fairley

Real Estate Professional

What DNA Tests Alone Can't Tell You, But Genealogy Can

Taking a DNA test alone can give you some insight into where you come from, however DNA tests alone can't tell you the details and history of your Life Journey.

Who Married Who?
When did your family move from one state to another?
How many businesses did your family own?
Where is your family really from?
Who were your aunts and uncles?
How are you related to your "cousin?"
What did your Grandmother or Grandfather look like?
And so much more!
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